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Tech Facts on The WTV-Zone Servers

  • WTV-Zone is a dual processor Supermicro rack mount webserver
  • Xtreme is a full tower, dual channel, multi-core, hyper threaded server designed to easily handle the load of CGI/PHP/Database applications.
  • Both have 4 Gigabytes of Memory
  • Both have 2 mirrored main harddrives (RAID level 0)
  • Both use the Linux Operating System with Apache webserver packages.
  • Full PHP, Perl and MySQL support on Xtreme Servers.
  • OC3 connection to the Internet
  • We monitor both servers 24/7 here at our office.
  • Personal Member Support from Larry and Kari
  • and... Our Webservers are DEDICATED for our use because..We own them!

Linux and Apache -- Nuthin' but the Best!