Hello I am Sherry

When I heard Murphy had passed on I was heart broken
This man so full of energy and hope
I couldn't let his pages die with him.

Here are his pages. Saved for all to see.

I did take a couple of liberties and
added midi's to his pages.
I also had to change 3 gif's
since his were from the web tv file.
For all that knew and loved Murphy
I hope these changes are acceptable.

A poem for Murphy
by Beverly Henry-Bishop

As I read through the pages,
My eyes,filled with tears
As I read of love of family,
and your life throughout the years.
You could have been my father,
and I suppose that is the reason why,
As I read these wonderful pages,
All I could do was cry.
I know that you have gone to be,
again with your dear wife,
How wonderful to know you are,
with the love of your life.
I say a prayer of thanks,
That you took the time to tell,
The story of your life, you did it oh so well.
Blessed Be!

1-11-1919 to 5-2-2001


This is a special Memorial Guestbook
for Murphy's family.
Murphy's original guestbook is also
active and available for reading and signing.

View Memorial Guestbook
Sign Memorial Guestbook

This award issued to Murphy after his passing
From his second family

~Here's his award winning tip~
Hoping he can continue to help other web tv users!

I found a great way to check my spelling!
I went to each page and used ccp brought it to mail and then write.
Ccp the page onto the space for the letter, and used the spell checker.
Made notes on all the errors.
Went back to page builder and fixed them.
Now all my spelling errors are fixed.

All 26 of them so sorry.
Thank you all for the nice way you told me my spelling stinks.
Some were typo's many are just bad spelling mistakes.
Why don't they have a spell checker in page builder???
Now you know why I got D's in english.

HPO putting Murphy in the spotlight!

*Special Thanks to
for a fantastic article*

The Murphy family and all his friends
would like to thank the HPO for keeping
Murphy's memories alive!

There are 82 crosses on this page
In honor of Murphy's life on earth.

Midi playing is I'll Fly Away

NOTE - all changes and additions have been approved by the Murphy family

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