conscious of apartheid at that timeNEW JULY-OCT ADD2
2021 RSD

"They're probably taking the music more 
seriously than the musicians themselves 
may have taken it when they first did it."

Brian Slattery

I LIVE IN A STORAGE UNIT ON EARTH AS IT AIN'T IN HEAVEN FREEM Vs F8 5 TOTAL DISKS 10 SIDES, INCITE US 5.1 SURROUND SOUND TINNITUS OF VARIOUS FREQUENCIES VARIOUS HUES LEVELS Something in the Water (Does Not Compute) DIAGONAL INDICATES TYPED ROCK 'N ROLL TROLL Qualcomm Snapdragon 'trigger trol' Ignorance is bliss!!!! Ignorance is bliss!!!! Ignorance is bliss!!!! Ignorance is bliss!!!! I LIVE IN A MUSEUM Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits hole-punched for wall hanging Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Should I release my new maxi e.p. then? LOL you tapekids make me gigglez. It's called "FRINGE CRINGE: FORGETTING MY NAME" (featuring 'I Live In A Storage Unit') Wartch this space. Not sure what all the haters are all on about To live outside the law you must be honest. A Place That I Dont Want You To Know Where Is Located.... if it doesn’t make you proud don’t serve it to the crowd I'm tired. I'm tired. Those of you that I love know who you are. May God bless you. ~Phyllis Hyman 9 AUG 2021 Upon the event of my death, I do NOT wish to be cremated, but instead buried in a modest casket, old school underground stylee. If possible, allow for a viewing. Thank you. See you there! ON EARTH AS IT ISN'T IN HEAVEN HYSTERIACOL LITERALLY DON'T EVEN SURE WHY NOT WHATEVER We try not to bother you with too many emails, but we really do have SO much new stuff, we thought you'd wanna know. FREE 'EM SLAVES VS. FAITH EVUNS BLACKMALE MATTER DELUGED WITH ADVICEL N-SELL I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4: 13 No DMS please. QURIOUS QULTURAL QRITIQUE QURIOUS QULTURAL QRITIQUE QURIOUS QULTURAL QRITIQUE] ACTIVISM! How's that working out for ya, hmm? no one will side eye you cause no one is around Belief is a suspicion, act as if it’s for real, the result amazes! (Lewis Mefford) Please, do not reply to this message, no one will answer you. STRUGGLE TO SUFFER SUFFERAGE TEXTRAGE SUFFER (band) Oh god damn, if I'm ever back on here at all (FB), I definitely ignore clicking on individual Comments Notifications. Commenting is for bored losers, desperate for attention. EN-SAIL EXAGGERATE EXZACT SACROSAINT SAXSCOT A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert McNamara’d Into Submission) I'm an idiot of the highest order for selling this a few years ago. TENDER CASH TENDERLOINS LEGAL LOVE ME loves you more. there is no path home like to stay. blind lemon pledge. shadowplay. Editor's Note: If you or a loved one have contemplated suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text TALK to 741741. The International Association for Suicide Prevention and Befrienders Worldwide also provide contact information for crisis centers around the world. LOL Here, take this ink pen. NOW WRITE ALL OVER YOURSELF. DRAW PICTURES. PRESS HARD! What is really is powerful that came from the monks is this: Thoughts become words. Now, a monk never allows a thought to become a word – that’s why they live in silence, because the word that destroys everybody is perceivablitiy. What we perceive things to be when they come out of our mouth is not what the listener perceives it to be. They think it differently. They’re not your blood. They’re not your mind. You get in an argument. But that’s the earthling for you. So you have to walk this earth on that little brick road and pick the bricks you want to walk on. But to the earthling, thoughts become words, so be careful. Words become actions, be careful. Actions become habits. Oh, what a shame! Habits become character. That’s a bigger shame, and your character becomes your destiny. (Dick Dale) SHE LACKED SUBSTANCE. BEARD WASH: SOAP or SHAMPOO? ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED WITH FAKE ORGANIC NATURALS PSEUDO GOODNESS REPLACEMENTS FOR THE REAL HOW DO THEY DO THAT? DON'T ANSWER DON'T WANNA KNOW DEFROST DEFJAM ALWAYS FREEZE BEFORE EATING NASH KATO TENNESSEAN GORGEOUS GEORGE i am reminded of that ancient saying people are dicks SALT ON SWEET POTATOES? DID MIKE CAMPBELL EVER WORK WITH GLEN? OR ARCHIE? both faux-naïf and virtuosic CAN'T TOMATOES SALT SAUCE SALT JUICE SALT MILK SALT SOUP SALT GRAVY SALT SODA SALT BEER SALT CANDY TAFFY DUCK IMPECCABLE.PLACES “It’s a folk singer’s job to comfort disturbed people and to disturb comfortable people.” Woody Guthrie Obligatory “relieved Denzel” gif Audience This video is set to not made for kids Set by you Regardless of your location, you're legally required to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and/or other laws. You're required to tell us whether your videos are made for kids. (What's content made for kids?) Features like personalized ads and notifications won’t be available on videos made for kids. Videos that are set as made for kids by you are more likely to be recommended alongside other kids’ videos. (Learn more) |_| Yes, it's made for kids. |_| No, it's not made for kids EXACTLY OVERBLOWN BLACKFACE PAINT MATTERS MIGHT NOT WASH OFF EAZILY SOAP N WATER GONNA NEED TURPENTINE STANLEY ALCOHOL QTIPS Copyright claim found. The copyright owner is allowing you to use the claimed content and will run ads on your video. BLACKMAIL RANSOM MATTERS COLD HARD KASH TENDERIZR RELEVANCE INCREASED WITHOUT CAUSE COP CAR PARADE cadaver decomposition island (CDI) strong odors persist (SOP) DO YOU REALLY NOT GAF? GAFFE PREVENTION CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE SMALL ROUND CURD KILL KURDS KOBAYN Leaning out of passing submarines to throw up. This is my new "Storie" (or "Reel"). Click or tap it. How do it look? Did it take? Sound on. Can you read my message? Huh? Am I on Candid Camera? Merbetriq mirabegron 50mg CHEEZ SOS CLOTH & CRACKERS CHEESE FLAVORED WINE ENIGMA THE RAPPA ALUMINUM FOIL TRANS MULATTO DEVIANT DEVIANTS I can run away from this, or I can run into it. YOU ALWAYS FORGET TO APPRECIATE WHAT YOU DO HAVE When This Child Was Bullied for His Homemade Metallica Shirt, the Band Came to His School With a Cease-and-Desist Letter "Glumm was bullied almost immediately, forcing him to tears in the school bathroom. Some kids made fun of him for the shoddiness of his shirt, others for being into ‘entry level bullshit’ at such a late age."⁠ GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER SUBPLANET SUPPLANTED a grand trine and grand cardinal cross Fuck me with a fish then write a book about it The word perineum entered English from late Latin via Greek περίναιος ~ περίνεος perinaios, perineos, itself from περίνεος, περίνεοι ‘male genitals’ and earlier περίς perís 'penis' through influence from πηρίς pērís ‘scrotum’. CAPES, DRAPES, GOWNS PLAQUE ATTACK SWAK HOW TO REFRESH PAGE? WHY DON'T THEY TELL YOU? MISSING THUMBNAILS EWW UNABLE TO ESTABLISH WIRELESS DATA CONNECTION WTF UNCURED FRANKS SO THEY'RE CONTAGIOUS NOT VACCINATED OAT YEAH! WASP GAP STIHL NO TEAMMATES TO RELY ON UNPROFESSIONAL PUPPETS . COM WE ALL WAIT FOR OURSELVES TO PASS JUMPED A HIGHWAY ACROSS ALL PLATFORMS HOW TO STUFF A WILD BIKINI FALI MANSON CAKES fraudulent prescription pads GRAYS BOTH BELONG SO UNAPPEALING IS YOU SO NOT APPEALING ARE ME THESE LIPS DON'T LIE LOVE AT FIRST PHSSST HOLD CANS WITH ME WHAT'S WRONG WITH ARTIFICIALITY? COLORS, FLAVORS, SO WHAT? Sometimes you just have to bite your upper lip and put sunglasses on. THE BEST WAY TO TAX CARBON AT THE BORDER “Trutta, siue ut Platina scribit Truta, siue Trotta Italicu {m} nome {n} est, à Gallis, quibus Troutte vel potius Truette, vel ab Anglis quib {us} à Trute, vel Trovvt appella {n} t, acceptum. I wouldnt go on Discogs now and click purchase on a 100$ copy, if youre happy with 2010 just in general then you should have the patience for a TriColor Steamboat in a steal price. They should pop up for cheap regularly. Thats what I would do anyway. Scott Sometimes you just have to bite your upper lip.. George Arliss was the Paul Muni of his day [sweat rings on your shirt sleeves, for example]. bwytais i sglodion bob amser (i ate chips all the time) plz come live with me. then leave now. I got vaccinated, twice I think, and I'm yet getting tired of all this constant redneck debate, so yeah I mightaswell suck all the medicine back out from my arm and spit it in their faces at the hot ballgame. I aint Nashvileamericana, I'm R Stevie Moore and I can do what I want. This makes as much sense as: Turn down the radio, I can't see the road. SOFT DURABLE ADJUSTABLE WASHABLE USELESS the bad road opens when the good road closes... I don’t always know where I‘m going, and then all of a sudden, I’m on my way! Your boy is the 9th inning, two outs, bases loaded, full count pinch hitter, American grand slam taker HAPPY HEARTS HARTZ MOUNTAIN WATCH MORE REELS TEXTS WHICH IGNORE USING QUESTION MARKS ARE THEY TELLING OR ASKING BUG FIXES BARISTANET AS A JOKE it's like learning to roll a joint riding a bicycle. I cant roll if i'm ridin lit. 1@atime. (tricycle's safer) IMA TRY TO NOT ALWAYS BE READY ON TIME ONLY AS A JOKE A horse is not a bicycle. Obligatory “relieved Denzel” gif O todos en la cama, o todos en el suelo. Either we all get the bed, or we all get the floor. Old 15-year partial dentures Bad fit Remaining teeth broken or chipped Cutting sharp into inner lower lip ANNIVERSARY NOTE-to-SELF: FEATURE RSM TAPES FROM 71, 81, 91, 2001, 2011 (It's a numbers game) Emoptional trainwreck; all a time; who knew! so what else is new. raggmopp rgmp! dude, if i was within 20 metres of you, i would surely begin to melt. if we made eye contact, heart attack! “How many people are vaccinated?” Fred Durst asks before Limp Bizkit launches into “Rollin.” “Very cool. Very considerate!” COMPLIMENTS DISABLED DON'T MENTION IT! YOU'D BETTER TUBE VEGBURGERS! HOT SALAD CAKE ASTRONAUT FEUD NO COMPLIMEANT It's hard to get the job when the producer wants it. JASON IZABELLA FALLEN OUT OF FAVOUR MORGAN FALLEN Gog; Magog (In Bromine Chambers) BREAK STUFF DELETE COMPLETE TO AVOID THE WAIT THE SOUNDS & SMELLS OF YOUR BATHROOM VISIT SIGHT/OUT OF These include, for instance, an array of vibrato and slide types, slid natural harmonics, fingernail fretting, the facilitation of microtonal tuning systems and various additional timbres, textures and augmentations. More detail on specific fretless guitar techniques and notations can be found up my ass. I DON'T WANNA HEAR MYSELF BACK “the kind of garage band that should be returned to the garage with the motor running”. Seems to differ from the other opinions above. Tell Me Who What He You Is See (pronouns clowns) They/We I second your thoughts, John. I find "Criaeouy" a joy to listen to. I have heard "wetassPeppers", but in a unfamiliar setting. It performed quite well appreciated by myself and the others listening. White hot stampers with an equally lighter wallet. Isolated in infirmaries for long spells as a child due to poor health; Not to make anyone paranoid. Ever See A Diver Kiss His Wife While the Bubbles Bounce About Above the Water? Fuck, fuck, FUCK! Welcome to my junk trunk! Think I’m gonna get any respect around here? NO! I’m crybaby Wilson, the shadow of a meme. Talk to me today or else I will cry river of milky tears… This is the final end of all things glorious. You are not a partner to this because you are not privy to it. American translation: Stick a fork in me - I’m done! If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? LMAO IN FEAR! I feel your pain, I feel your shame, but you're not to blame. She does not have any social media accounts, citing fear that she will "misrepresent [her] real feelings".[39] PUNK IS NOT DEAD. I don't care if you wear drainpipes or not, you're a punk cos you're not some dumbass prat who's a fucking loser poser who needs to get his shit straight! Ultra High Quality Recording used by Mobile Fidelity. It means they are worthless and I will pay for the shipping and see that they are properly disposed of. Haven't seen it, but could have overlooked File not found (404 error) If you think what you're looking for should be here, please contact the site owner. (does he own or is he renting? leasing? whats it mean leasing?) Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer Unleased Ignorance Mimi's July 2021 visit completely zonked my DEMENTIA concerns. MIND DISABLED x 2 Stevie is as unknown for her lifelong commitment to social activism as she is for his music. One could accuse them of taking it all rather too seriously, perhaps even taking it all a tad too far maybe? REIDENTIFICATION TRANSITIONING MOONS MIDDLE8 LOOPEDIT 4GASKINS I'M SURE TO MAKE A MESS HERE I THINK I ALREADY KNOW HOW TO DO IT MAMA BAKE A PI put in a cage and poked at by passersby A GOOD FEELIN TO KNOW POCONO TUNAPHO THAT VISIT WAS DANGEROUS FOR MY SANITY THEY FOUND MY DNA ON HER LAST LONGER IN BED WITH ROMAN SWIPES ACAPOCONO An engaging singer whose sliding delivery suggests Leon Russell ordering extra cornbread at the meat-and-three. BASIC RACIST, since birth. I'M RACIST?? SO ARE YOU! YA KNOW WHAT'S EVEN WORSE THAN RACISM? THE PPL WHO ACT SO HORRIFIED BY IT. LIKE, WHERE YA BEEN? BANDWAGONESQUE BISQUE mastered the art of leveraging outrage There are no words in the English language, nor should there be, to describe the pain that we're going through right now, LOL .... A millennial vinyl enthusiast seeking guidance in the troubling times of streaming. Danke schoen. The silent delay warped my very soul. anxiety crazy driven. Lift your withdrawal and receiving limits. ALREADY SO BLIND WITHOUT DARK SHADES LANE CLOSED AHEAD NEED A REASON TO SHOP? TELL US HOW WE DID NO! YOU'RE HERE TWICE A WEEK! Neonatal Intensive Care Unit If you have a good pump and let down fast, it should take you about 10 to 15 minutes to empty both breasts using a double pump and 20 to 30 minutes if you are pumping each breast separately. A good pump will cycle (suck and release) as quickly as a baby does, approximately every one to two seconds. WHAT'S WITH ALL THE PRONOUN/PRONOUN BULLSHIT?? WE'VE REALLY COME TO THIS/?/ ID CARD WORLD. (Citation needed) Hey Stevie, my name is Noel! I am looking for music advice. The type of music I make is like spooky punk rock to beach surfer dudes. And I’d figure if there’s one person who Id look for advice and ask all my creative questions it’s you :) so the question is, how do I prepare a LP and how many shows should I do? I’d be absolutely more then happy to share with you the instrumentals I have down and get your opinion on them and what ones your favorite :)!!!! i'm so accustomed to my extreme pains that i forget i hurt. SKRAMBLD EGGS STEVIE WONDER WHERE 'M COMING FROM SCARLET LETTER N-WORD TROLL TRIGGER YO MY TRIGGER ROY ROGERS' HORSECOCK DALE EVANS STROKES brand new Facebook friend Greg Geller omfg. big wows can still happen? tight! and Yetnikov just now left me too soon ngl STILL NEED A REASON TO SHOP? PORN STARCH PORN FLAKES PORN MEAL PORN LIQUOR THAT FEELING OF MISSING OUT FOMO THE ITEMS (band) 17% of men age 40–49 had ED 30%–35% of men age 50–59 had ED 68% of men 60–69 had ED 83% of men 70 and older had ED Since population density has increased since the early 1900s, it’s not clear if the weather is more common or if more people are around to see it. Great job! Proud of your solace in isolation. Making women responsible for birth control instead of men is like taping pillows onto car bumpers instead of just installing brakes. I'M HAVING A REAL HARD TIME, THOUGH IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT YOUFUMISMS MATZOHFARIAN STACK SATS ON YOUR TERMS LANDLINES & LETTERS retweet to help me find mutuals STOP 24/7 COMPLAINING, DEPENDS ON WHAT FLOATS YR BOAT FIZZY FIZZIX ZIPLOCK ZIPFILE YO! DON'T SUPPORT BAD ARTISTS! RAISE YOUR STANDARDS A BIT. this app is too good, people say something with they whole chest like there's nobody to tell them they're wrong then boom EAGER SNEAKERS I have to figure there's going to be some sort of reckoning in the near future where society either agrees completely or not that we can't go on like this. Because we really can't. ......and.. I was, like, ............ and she was, like, ....... ......and.. I was, like, ............ and she was, like, ....... ......and.. I was, like, ............ and she was, like, ....... ......and.. I was, like, ............ and she was, like, ..... DO YOU TALK LIKE THIS? Round People got no reason to live. BUT IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT YOU DON'T SEEM TO EVER KNOW NOTHIN TIL SOMEBODY TELLS YA. People with more power than you will always discourage your anger because they don’t want you to use it to protect yourself or others like you. HONEY, ARE YOU AVOIDING ME? AGAIN? IT'S THAT EASY? Obligatory “relieved Denzel” gif I always never harboured doubts about whether all the songs I had finished were worthy of inclusion. note2self>MIMI FLOOR LPS Enhanced Fujita scale That feeling when you can send a powerful, dramatic text message to someone, and the reaction reply may take as long a time as it wishes to; however, when that same msg is telephoned direct in real-time, or even spoken face-to-face, Almost Always Automatic Awkward silence. Additional Appropriate Affectionate Attention casual, feel-good vibe wafted through the audience (At concession stands, chicken salad wraps were also a reasonable $9.) Additional Appropriate Affectionate Attention 2 awakendisturb awake 'n dis turbed URGING FINANCIAL RESTRAINT BUDDY RICH BUS TAPES FIND A WAY TO FIND HER THE BOSSIEST OF THE BOSSY RSM: I WANT TO SPEAK TO A HUMAN. Phone Robot: "What do you want to speak to them about?" JACK WHITE AIN'T ALL THAT WESTERBERG AIN'T ALL THAT THURSTON AIN'T ALL THAT TWEEDY AIN'T ALL THAT DANIEL AIN'T ALL THAT GROHL AIN'T ALL THAT COYNE AIN'T ALL THAT FIONA AIN'T ALL THAT WHAT GIVES! WHO AM I LEAVING OUT? KANYE? STURGILL? Rather than click Like, Steal It Can it be that you’re too shy to give yourself a little old push? RIHANNA NO NOT AT ALL RIHANNA NO NOT AT ALL RIHANNA NO NOT AT ALL RIHANNA NO NOT AT ALL RIHANNA NO NOT AT ALL RIHANNA NO NOT AT ALL RIHANNA NO NOT AT ALL RIHANNA NO NOT AT ALL RIHANNA NO NOT AT ALL RIHANNA NO NOT AT ALL RIHANNA NO NOT THAT I REMEMBER AT ALL RIHANNA NO NEVER DID THE EVIL FORCES OF DARK CHAOS STRUGGLE TO REGAIN CONTROL donda schmonda, da kid got left bhind., left hisself bhind. aint yet heard none, dont need to.meh, change my mnd. I EMBARRASS MYSELF TELL ME TO STOP! ---MAN JUMPING- MENTALLY ILL +HEAVILY MEDICATED ORLANDO GOTH "I saw a man point his gun at the people, he was ready to shoot. Another guy had to stop him." Deflection is as much a tool of the oppressor as silence. 12 HR RELIEF SAFE DRIVING MODE SOUND BATH ZOOM IMO: OCCUPAUL WHY STREET SOUND SHOWER I cried just watching this. Is there a real place to donate tears? I've got lots. Walkin', Talkin', Cryin', Barely Beatin' Broken Heart ARE YA KEEPIN' SCORE? WHITES DROPPED IN 2010s FIRST TIME ON RECORD US CENSUS SENSES How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? DON'T ANSWER THAT! FOR NOSE BLOWING: ALWAYS TOILET ROLL NEVER KLEENEX TISSUES TF? SAVE BLOWOUT, REUSE FOR PEE DRIPS OR WIPING GREASE OFF DISHES BEFORE SPONGEWASH RECYCLED PAPER SNOTRAG Sixth floor, lingerie. Bras half off. My drumming was highly in demand on the Christian recording scene, a stupid genre that helps pay the light bills in the Nashville studios. CALL ME. I LOVE YOU! MIMI BRIDGERS WHO DO YOU TRUST ARGUE WITH THE WALL CHASM FINGERHUT POLITICAL SCIENCE for DUMMIES. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE FOR $200, Alex. || Johnferg, you spend far too much time on Facebook, ythink? (look who's talking!) I thought we were opposed to Zuck; are we FOOLS? DELETE NOW. CALL ME BACK. I LOVE YOU! STYROFOAMICROWAVE RSMCC IS AN EMPLOYEE-OWNED COMPANY I'LL SEE MYSELF OUT The seller contacted me directly via email outside of Amazon offering $45 in exchange for deleting this review - two separate violations of Amazon policy. I must strongly advise against buying from this seller. PARMALARM SUGAR TOAST PUSH COMES TO SHOVE BOB MOORE OATS AMID CRITICISM AMIDST RESTRICTED SHOUTING FIRE IN A THEATER CANNED MEAT APPLAUSE I don't hear a single! (Go back, put out the orig Demo instead) VIENNA SAUSAGE IF THEY DON'T HAVE JOBS, THEY DON'T GET FED KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON IT NOT COOOL!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WOULD DIE TOO IF IT HAPPED TO YOU FRIED CHICKEN COOKED: PUT IN MICROWAVE 10SEC TO FULLY ELIMINATE BACTERIA? This article is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic. Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. Go fuck yourself. SECOND PHASE PHAIL IS THIS 4 ME? LEAVE IT ALONE YOU'LL MAKE IT WORSE PARENTS' KIDS' PEEPS SHOW YOUR PEERS CONFRONTATION IS ALWAYS CONDESCENDING BUT YOU CAN BE CONDESCENDING WITHOUT BEING CONFRONTATIONAL SARCASM SATIRE HUMOR IS EVERYTHING Margo Channing? WHY IS THIS WORLD SO PROBLEMATIC? A SET OF ACCOUNTS THAT WORK WELL WITH TMZ FOLLOW ALL? THE WORST (BEST) RABBITHOLES ARE ACCIDENTAL. DID I FALL? OR DID I JUMP? ground, crushed or chopped starchy plants, typically grain. SELL TICKETS WITH US FOR US TO US AGAINST US MELLOW TONE, IN ROGER MAREN MORRIS LONG GRAIN FOOD TRUCK. I BOUGHT MY 1973 AUSTIN MARINA FROM MORRIS WAYMAN "jUNIOR" FOR $650 TO ESCAPE NASHVILLE BY HIGHWAY IN FEBRUARY 1978 THANKS, ROGER Introducing ELEMAX Cooling, Heat & Massage Chair Regulates Body Temperature Increases Blood Flow Speeds Muscle Recovery Relaxes and Soothes Stiff Muscles Heightens Productivity and Focus Boosts Energy [call ellen or max! aka333@aol.com] ORGANIC MARASCHINO VALLEY CAGE THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM DRINKIN HOT COFFEE WITH A STRAW CAGE THE ROOM L.E.PHANT MEMORYLOSS PREUNCOOKED How in the cinnamon toast fuck is Kylie Jenner asking for donations for her make up artist when she’s a goddamn billionaire. Is that broad for real WAX OWLS BLACK PUMAS KEYS BLACK EYED PEAS KEYS UMLAUT YOU EVER SPIT A SEED FROM YOUR MOUTH ACROSS THE ROOM? R-TIFICIAL GON' FISHIN' DEFICIENT HELP AFGHAN WHIGS FAMILIES I just want to pause here and say a little bit about Political Science for Dummies. APPLE SAUCE ICE APPLE SAUCE ICE! ARTIFICIAL CHOCOLATE RAIN TASTE THE ADVENTURE MMM TASTE THE PERFORMANCE EWW UBER XL PREMIUM INCLUDES BACKSEAT SNACK BAR AND COMPLIMENTARY COCKTAIL WE CALLED IT OFF TOO PAINFUL RATE YOUR TRIP (*ACID) MAMA JOHNSON SENILITY Lonesome, On'ry And Mean BILLY IS HERE, TAP TO TALK NOW. SMOIL IT'LL COME TO ME. I CAME. I SAW. I HAD ANXIETY. SO I LEFT. HERE, HAVE ANOTHER ONE we live for deaths, eh. 1 @ a time, back 2 back. i am starting to not miss you as much ADVERTORIAL MOGWAI ON EARTH CONTROL PILLS ABHORTION PEOPLE SAY U GONNA RAIDE MY RENT, YOU'LL RAISE MY IRE EIRE APPARENT THE WORLD STOPS for Britney Spears. Can we change that? Pfffffffffftttsch/ Facepalm eyeroll infinitum. ONLY WHEN THE LAST TREE HAS BEEN CUT DOWN, THE LAST FISH BEEN CAUGHT, AND THE LAST STREAM POISONED, WILL WE REALIZE WE CANNOT EAT MONEY. FLAMEWAR GRILLED JUMBO BUTTERFLY SHRIMP Get along there now, kiddo. U have zeroid observations on this department. Looking forward to checking out your posts and relevance. EDWYN COLLINS UGH SO OVERRATEDS JIM CARROLL UGH SAME J GEILS BAND BEYOND OVERRATEDS THE MOODY SWINGS OPENING ALL PACKAGES & CONTAINERS NOW REQUIRES TWO HANDS AND PROBABLY SCISSORS WANNA GIT TO YOU YOU BECAME TO ME Q: How many guitarists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: Five. One to screw it in and four to say "I coulda done that..." THE PERFECT WINE FOR YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE VAI SE FERRAR COVINGTON PLACE PHONE ON-HOLD BKG MUSIC: LOWER THE VOLUME!!!!!!!!! FORWARDING LIMIT REACHED I MIGHT BE A BIT MUCH I KNEW I SMELLED SOMETHING AWFUL UNGH BALL PARK RECORDS ALKA TUNA My sister asked me in person 2 days ago: "Steve, why do you hate Trump so much?" I'll NEVER FORGET her asking me that. I simply left the room. MY room. QUIGGERS AND NEERS SHOW FRAUD THE DOOR WITH THESE 5 TIPS I ALMOST ACCIDENTALLY... WORE A 3-PIECE SUIT TO MY PHYSICAL THERAPY WHAT WAS I THINKING? WHAT WAS I NOT THINKING? WHAT WAS I UNTHINKING? WHAT WAS I ANTI-THINKING? NEXT TIME A TUXEDO |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| NO MORE (La Paloma) THAT'S IT! I QUIT! WITH A VENGEANCE THE ULTIMATE PROTEST: *I AINT GOIN* I keep thinkin I got Covid. Dot Compromise TFW u swallow a sip of water precisely at the same time as Urinating. Do they sense each other? NAGGERS Pump Mist **SILENT SCREAM** At Last.... the Beginning Access to Venture Capital Cure Virginity What did Elvis think of Electric Ladyland? (it came out right before his pretaped Comeback TV Special was aired.) BEWARE OF GOD It's what I'm Forbidden to Say That you wanna hear First. Jingle Bell Rock by The Moores ONE LESS BOXSET A MONTH Charlie is/was my/our Darling he/they (tom-toms) I STILL LIVE IN A STORAGE UNIT. Don't bring anything else in here. REMEMBER TO SOAPWASH INSIDE MY FORESKIN JUST IN CASE OF UNEXPECTED FELLATIO RIGHT, MORI? FLAKY CRUST, MADE FROM SCRATCH HIT BY A 2x4 WE R RESILIENT SILLY #ROBINWOODSTRONG My first reaction was, why did he have to do that? The End of the Tr;iil. liy James Kml l-r b;ivc made of what was once a vast wikl-iriiess. Inciuiries have eliciled the factthat this form of exhibit was cstablisliedby the Canadian government fully tenyears ago, since which time it has beenshown all over the world. And now, weof the West have absorbed the lesson itimparls. Airiiidy Ihere is a nicixeniLMil*>* HI EVERYBODY! *<*<* R I Legend or \WHAT?/? I can't even rn __________ Send yr money NOW! All flowers in time bend towards the sun, I know you say that there's no-one for you, But here is one x Kissed Bob's bald forehead, and squeezed his bony bluish hands. Cold statue. Calm gentle grin of contentment. Summer of life is over. Welcome the new Autumn uncertainty. Winter will bury us all. Citizens for Boysenberry Jasm Fan You don’t really know you are living through the making of a legend until it is in the rearview. CLOSING CEREMONY. PERIOD FULL STOP. Using "back-on" social media to complain about social media. And announcements that you're gonna quit. Soon. Electronically signed by: Senator R. Stevie Moore (R-TN) _________________________________ -- _ - _ - _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _



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