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Really only ONE---Keep it LEGAL!

Do anything Illegal here?? You're outta here...

Abuse the folks in the Newsgroups with stupid sig tricks like the cross poster and cookie stealer stuff? Goodbye!

SPAM? Not here.

Porno? Please do it somewhere else. On that note however, of course your PRIVATE pictures are fine as long as they are not posted as a website and stay private. Artwork depicting what some may consider offensive will not be judged based on one person's opinion of decency.

CGI scripting other than preinstalled scripts is ONLY available on our scripting server. All scripting is logged and monitored there, but has very few restrictions. See for more information!

Oh yes.. regrettably there is one more restriction brought about because of past abuses by some former members: You may not advertise a competing webhosting company in your account on our server. If you advertise for a competing webhost on your webspace, your account will be terminated and you may be assessed a fee for advertising space.

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