The Wolf Is At The Door (Corey & Trina)
(Sung to tune of My Old Brown Coat And Me)

There's forty thousand o'er my head,
The wolf is at the door;
Finance company's on the phone,
Can't answer it no more.

Two years ago we were living with Dad,
Had nothing to call our own;
Got so fed up we went down to the bank,
Got an eight thousand dollar loan.

Spent all that money on the very first day,
And charged up a thousand more;
Got a truck and a camper and Ford Motor Credit,
And Coke from the convenience store.

Then we charged up a washer, and a fridge, and a stove,
A chesterfield, beds, and chairs;
Blankets and dishes from the Eaton's catalogue,
And a TV set from Sears.

Got a mortgage on the house for twenty-five years,
Cost a hundred thousand by then;
The income tax wants nine-hundred dollars,
Or they'll put us in the pen.

Yes, the wolves are knockin' at our door,
And they keep coming back;
They're beatin' on the windows and jumpin' on the roof,
Ain't much more we can hack.

So we let them in - here we are,
It's the wolf who answers the door;
They took right over - even took our bed,
And we're sleepin' on the floor.

If you phone the house and a voice says "woof",
Don't think it's all that bad;
The wolf now lives where we used to live,
And we're back living with Dad.

####.... Corey Crewe [b.1947] from Grand Bank and Patrina Crewe (nee Fulford) [1951-2007] from Merasheen, Placentia Bay, NL ....####
Recorded by Corey & Trina (Songs For Laughing And Dancing, trk#7, 1978, Clode Sound Productions, Stephenville, NL, engineered and produced by Neil Bishop and Claude Caines).


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