2 red hearts

3 pink hearts

heart with wings

candy hearts

heart changes colors

2 hearts hugging

2 pink hearts with arrow

2 hearts connect with arrow

pink hearts with bow

heart with pink rose

beaded heart

pink and white hearts

hearts around the world

Be my valentine heart

heart connects "I love u"

heart with roses "Gift of Love"

lace heart

another lace heart

heart box

angels tie heart

angel holding heart

angels with heart

"I love you" heart drawn in sand

tree blooms with hearts

heart lock with key

valentine mail

pretty envelope

mailbox filled with hearts

mailbox filled with valentines

two birds with pink heart

2 birds "Love is Grand"

bird jumping holding heart

bear holding flowers

bear holding flowers/balloons

white bear "be my valentine"

key to my heart bear

teddy bears holding hands/heart

teddybears "hearts are for sharing"

2 teddy bears with 2 hearts

2 teddy bears hug

cute teddy with pink heart

teddy bear mailing valentine

kitten/puppy make hearts

cute happy kitten

2 kittens with hearts

2 kittens inside heart

cat with red heart

2mice w/heart paperclips

mice hug "I love you"

bunnies with heart balloons

bunnies with heart


frog "Be Mine"

frog inside heart

penguins kiss

penguin "Love you"

red rose

pink rose

red roses

pink roses

red rose with stem

red roses in vase

pink roses in vase

long stemmed rose

rose "I love you" note

roses "I love you"

cupid holding heart

cupid inside red heart

cupid inside pink heart

red cupid

baby cupid shoots arrow

cupid shoots arrow

cupid looks down,aims arrow (L)

cupid looks down,aims arrow (R)

heart as cupid

heart balloons with faces

purple heart balloons

yellow heart balloons


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