Animal gifs:

santa mouse

mouse holding cane   new

santa puppy

dalmation in wreath  new

dalmation hanging from red bow  new

puppy in box

puppy peeks out from present  new

dog pops up from gift

puppy in stocking

puppy and kitten

puppy,kitten sleeping

kitten in stocking

cat in stocking

cat and mouse

cat wearing wreath

cat hanging from wreath

holiday cats

cute sleeping kitten

2 cute kittens

xmas kittens

kitten with ornament

cat looking out window

bear and squirrel  new

happy holiday frog

frog ringing bell

frog in stocking

singing penguins

penguin holding wreath

raccoon wreath

seasons greeting dove

reindeer jack-in-the-box

deer wreath

one reindeer

cute reindeers

running deer

singing reindeers   new

animated reindeer


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