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bunny holding egg

bunny with carrot

tiny hopping rabbit

cute hopping bunny New

rabbit sucking thumb

bunny wearing bonnet

bunny painting

bunny on ladder/painting

bunny on train

bunny plays drum

bunny juggles eggs

bunny on snow board

bunny hugs the world

tons of bunnies

bunny with purple egg

bunny sitting on egg

sitting bunny

bunny and chick

bunny in blue vest carrying flowers

bunny in overalls carrying flowers

cute bunny with flower

cute bunny/bird in flowers..New

2 bunnies with flowers

cute bunny with basket of eggs

cute bunny in flowerbed

bunny in flowerbed

happy bunny...New

bunny looks at pile of eggs...New

child with bunny

child plays in tulips

child carrying plant

angel carrying chicks

chick in egg

chick with egg

dancing chick

baby chicks with eggs

cool chick paints egg

bear hatches from egg

lamb with bell


geese "happy easter"

mailbox with chicks

bunny e-mailbox

"special delivery" mailbox

bunny "e-mail"

blue egg

decorated red egg

2 eggs with flower

2 eggs

3 eggs

basket of eggs

bunny/flowers in basket

cute bunny in basket

bunnies in basket

cat in basket

basket with chocolate bunny

basket with purple ribbon

blue Bible

cross "happy easter"

cross enlarges

cross illuminates


cross on mountain

robe draped over cross

cross with thorns

cross with flowers

wooden cross/flowers

tombstone moves reveals cross

cross,rose "Everlasting love"

cross "Jesus"


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I found these gifs in the public domain.
To the best of my knowledge they are
non copywritten. Alter them if you wish.