Zipping Files

This feature is a great space-saver.

Zipping a file is basically just "condensing" it, so that it takes up less space. You can zip images, audio files, even entire directories, to store them using less space. Audio and image files do not compress substantially, so zipping individual files does not really save a great deal of space. Zipping directories that you do not use frequently, so that you can "archive" them will help save a little space without throwing the files away completely. Then when you need them again, use the Unzip feature to open them back up.

To zip a file or directory, just click the checkbox next to the files you want to zip up. You can zip as many as you want. Then just scroll down to the bottom of the file manager, and click the "zip files" button. It will zip up your files, then you can move them to another directory, or just leave them where they are.

When you zip a file or directory, the original will not be automatically deleted, you will have to delete the original yourself.

NOTE: If you decide you would like to zip up major portions of your account for backups or storage elsewhere to save space, please contact us before doing so. It's best to do large amounts of zipping during the "off-hours" when there's little server traffic, or for us make a zip copy on the server itself rather than through the file manager.

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