Deleting Files and Directories

Deleting files and deleting directories are 2 different processes.. we'll tell you how to do both on this page.

To delete files (not directories) from your account, you simply click the checkbox next to the file (or files) you wish to delete. If you're deleting files inside a directory, you need to go into the directory (by clicking on the file folder icon to the left of the directory name, or using the "relist directory" feature), and check the boxes next to the files you wish to delete. If you're deleting all the files in a particular directory, you can just scroll down to the bottom of your file manager and click the "mark all" box.

Once you have checked off the file(s) you wish to delete, scroll down and click the "delete files" button. You will then be taken to a screen that asks you to confirm your deletions. This is your last chance to make sure you're deleting the correct file(s).. the deletion process is permanent, you cannot get those files back once you've deleted them, so be careful.

The delete (or remove) a directory, click on the icon next to the directory or use the "relist directory" to go into the directory. Then you need to empty it, using the method as described above. Then go back to your main (root) area and click "remove" to the right of the directory you wish to delete.

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