Beaming Audio and Zip Files

Please note that Wav files are un-beamable. If you want them, you need to use a regular transloader and transload them elsewhere first ..then beam them to your Zone account, or find an alternative source for the wav you want. Audio files at Geocities are also unbeamable. Geocities is blocking audio files and at this point, there is no workaround.

When beaming audio files (.wav .midi .au ..etc.), you need to get the url of the audio file itself. If you just log into your account and click on the recent url dropdown, you will only find the address of the page the file is on, not the actual url of the audio file itself. Here's step by step instructions on how to beam an audio file.

Click on the file you wish to beam. While listening to it, hit your "go to" key on your keyboard and click the "show last" button. This will give you the url of the audio file. Hold your "cmd" key and click the letter "a", this will highlight the url. While still holding the "cmd" key, click the letter "c" (you should hear a "chirp" if your volume is turned up), this copies the address into your memory.

To obtain the url for a zip file, you'll need to click on the link for the zip file you want to beam. You can either wait for the "this is the type of information Webtv cannot use" popup, or just hit your back key before that happens. Hit your "go to" button, and click on "show last". This will give you the url for the zip file, follow the same copy instructions as in the above paragraph. Hit the f-key your log-in page is on and log into your account. Put your cursor in the window of your beamer, hold your "cmd" key and hit the letter "v". This will "paste" the address of the audio or zip file into the window.

The rest of the procedure is the similar to beaming image files or html pages.

To choose which directory you wish to put the audio file in, click on the directory dropdown menu next to the "relist directory" button.. but do NOT click the "relist directory" button.

Type what you want the file to be named in your Zone account, like pretty-song.mid or funny.wav or .. or whatever. Do not use spaces in the new name, and make sure you put the proper extension at the end (.mid .wav .au .zip .. etc.)

Click the energize button and the file will be successfully beamed into your account into the directory you've chosen.

If you didn't choose a directory, the file will be beamed into your "root" (main) area.

NOTE: If once you've logged into your account and click on the audio file to listen to it, you get a popup saying "this is the type of information Webtv can't use", then an error was made in the beaming process. Check the name you gave the file to make sure you have the .mid or .wav extension at the end. You can rename it if you forgot the extension, you don't need to re-beam a new copy. If you named it correctly, and get that popup, the url in the window of the beamer wasn't the correct url or there was a problem with it. Feel free to e-mail me if you have trouble with a file, but make sure you include the original url for the audio file, or for the site you got it from.

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