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Research Advisory Committee On Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Report finds Gulf War veterans' illnesses are neurological and apparently are linked to exposure to neurotoxins such as the nerve gas sarin, the anti-nerve gas drug pyridostigmine bromide and pesticides that affect the nervous system.

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Parliament of South Australia - Committees
Check out the inquiries and reports on MCS


On the 9th July, 2003, South Australia's UpperHouse, the Legislative Council, voted unanimously to support an Australian Democrat's Motion, The Hon. Sandra Kanck, requesting the Social Development Committee enquire into and report on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Australia's Parliamentary Enquiry was accepting worldwide Submissions.

Diana Buckland from Australia started the global campaign in response to the Parliamentary Enquiry into Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Diana is the Brisbane Representative of the Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance. Her son suffers Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Informed Choices, based in the USA, has been continually working on MCS issues. Thanks to our member Dawn Smith, the Louisiana Governor signed the first-ever Proclamation recognizing MCS Awareness Month.

Informed Choices joined Diana's campaign in obtaining Submissions for the Inquiry by launching the Global Recognition Campaign website and Guestbook as part of our ongoing project Joining Hands Across the Globe.

Please continue to tell your story by Signing the Guestbook.

View the Stories and Comments in the Guestbook

Thanks to all those suffering MCS, and their supporters, for telling their stories and presenting their case to Legislators. The Enquiry will help to inform the basis for future Public Health Policy and guide reforms in Chemical Regulation.

The Enquiry closed on August 13, 2004 andconsideration of all Submissions is expected to take some considerable time. Please check back for the outcome of the Final Report by theEnquiry that is expected in late spring or early summer of 2005.

Thank you,

Nancy Hirschfeld,
Informed Choices

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month of May

If MCS is ever to become understood, researched, and acknowledged by mainsteam medicine, there must be a government endorsed case definition of the illness. This is a critically important first step in gaining recognition. Click here for more information.

Click here to find simple projects for bringing awareness to MCS.

People who suffer Multiple Chemical Sensitivity let your voices be heard. Governments and the public need to hear each person's story - the pain, suffering, difficulty or impossibility accessing any health care facility, educational facility, and social events due to the chemicals and chemically fragranced products; the isolation, the ridicule, the abandonment, the loss of your career and livelihood, the loss of your child's education -this is what it is all about - to tell your story of how you are affected in every way.

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Chemicals Can Cripple
Prevention is the key to escaping chemical sensitivities. With the right information, you can make small changes that make a big difference in your health and your children's health.

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