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At the WTV Zone we offer the ability to build and maintain your own website using a PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart TV or even a Smart Phone. As long as it has a javascript capable browser on it you can use it to build your website! You can upload up to 10 files at a time right from your device. Upload from your hard drive, thumb drive, SD card and all the others. Our most popular (and widely copied) tool is our 'Personal File Beamer', which was originally created by Larry (Iceman) in 2000. The "File Beamer" grabs your files or even entire directories from another location on the internet without using FTP, and copies them right into your account in seconds!

If you are moving an existing account from another location, we can assist you in doing this should you prefer.

Also included in our file manager is the ability to zip and unzip files, resize and crop images (not compatible with all browsers) and some other Image Magick features. We also have a complete Image Magick "Magick Studio" installation for you to use for image creation and manipulation.

For the Advanced Webmaster who wants to use their own perl and php scripts we offer hosting packages on our scripting server

We can also host your domain at The WTV Zone or Xtreme Servers.

We REFUSE to put advertising banners on YOUR pages.

We support Perl, PHP3 and MySQL scripting on Xtreme Servers.

We Encourage you to build commercial websites if you so desire. You can certainly put paid ads on your website should you choose to do so.

This Site Inspired By The ADWH Mallrats