Break Time

Brantl~Wolf~Hedges Taking A Break To Pose For A Picture In Front Of The Instrument Shop At Liangshan,China

Please Note The Spotless Uniforms In This Photo And All The Other Photos On This Web Site. First Class All The Way.

More Salvage Work

The Three "R"'s Rodriguez~Reese~Rutter Goofing Off To Have Their Picture Taken While Salvaging A B-25 At Liangshan, China

The Latest In Shops And Equipment

This a picture looking into a revetment that served as our work area and engineering area at Luichow, China. Lt. Sohl's office was in the little shack at the right and all our tools and equipment was in the tent. We changed a lot of B-24 engines in this revetment along with replacing blown out tires and doing sheetmetal repair work. We worked here until the Japs forced us to evacuate the base and return to Luliang.

Lt. Sohl's Motorcycle

Lt.Sohl took this cycle with him to every base we serviced. I had never ridden a cycle before and he let me ride it around the revetment one day and I ended up driving right thru the door of the engineering shack in the above photo and pinned "Rocky" Taurisano against the back wall of the shack. That was the first and last time I ever rode a cycle.

What One Small Fragmentation Bomb Could Do

This B-24 was hit with one small fragmentation bomb during one of the nightly air raids at Luichow, China.This paticular plane just happened to be a new B-24 that had never flown a mission. As bad as it looks it was not a total loss since the engines were removed, inspected and run-outs done on the crankshafts to be sure they were not damaged. All the engines were used to replace blown engines on the B-24's that were flying gas into China from India. The pilots and crews of these planes were glad to get new engines for the blown ones.

A Sanctuary From Air Raids

We had many night-time visits from the Japs and when that happened we headed for the caves around our hostel areas. This picture was taken from inside one of those caves overlooking the 396th hostel area. Needless to say this picture was not taken during an air raid but by someone that wanted to see what the area looked like during the daylight hours.

Going Back Into Service

This is a picture of one of the eight P-40's that was built from our salvage yard at Kwelin China. The planes had new engines installed and were tested and turned over to the fighter groups for combat service.To our knowledge all planes performed to everyones satisfaction.


This is a photo of Elmer Bukey posing along side a salvaged P-40 in our service area at Kwelin

Luliang China

This is the control tower at Luliang,China. It was at the highest elevation of any base we were at in China.We were at 6000 feet and we had snow here. The only base I can remember that had snow.


This is a photo of Julian Zabecki with all his possesions packed and ready to go on assignment to one of the out-lying bases

All The Comforts Of Home

This is a picture of Bob Houser and "Doc" Kreiwitz using one of our modern shower facilities. "Doc" (the one on the right) was one of the older guys in our outfit and he was always looked at as a father type figure.He was also the head of our instrument department and did a great job.

A Bail-Out Story

This is a photo of "Chicken Charlie" and it's crew prior to receiving damage that made it necesssary to transfer it to the 396th Air Service Squadon for major damage repair

This is a story about my bail-out from an 11th Bomb plane named "Chicken Charlie". On the 30th of March 1944 I was told to preflight the B-25 in preparation for a test flight prior to turning it back to the 11th Bomb Sq. We were to take a Chinese Gen,Deng Weiren and a Chinese Col. Zeng Ziming to Chickiang during our test flight.Lt Sines our test pilot, Sgt.Murton our radio operator the two Chinese officers and myself took off from Kwelin with the weather really turning bad.

Shortly after take-off our problems started. We lost our radio contact with the ground and then our navigational equipment failed.After about an hour we knew we were lost and after a takng a vote we decided to try and let down thru the soup and see if we could find our way back to Kwelin. This was a mistake and almost caused us to smack into the side of a mountain. We made it back up thru the soup and decided we would have to bail out if we were going to make it.

The Gen went first and he froze in the hatch opening and we had to force him out.The Col.was next and then Murton .I looked at Sines and told him I would see him down below and I left the ship. Just before falling thru the soup I saw Murtons chute disappear in the soup and Sines chute open. After I fell thru the soup I looked up at my chute and almost passed out three panels had ripped out of my chute and it looked like an egg rather than nice and round the way it should be. I think the only reason I didn't break both legs when I hit the ground was I had no idea how fast I was falling and I hit the ground completely relaxed.

Sines fell in the middle of a rice paddy and Murton landed along side a stream, Sines had a forty five strapped to him and when his chute opened it cracked some ribs.Murton sprained an ankle and I came out smelling like a rose.

We got together with the Gen.& Col. the next day and I got to see where "Chicken Charlie" had slammed into the side of a mountain and there wasn't much left to see. We walked for five days.stopping in a different village each night, to a railroad head and then rode a train for two days back to Kwelin.The Chinese people in each of the villages greeted us with a parade and fireworks making us feel like real heroes.They gave us great quarters and we had the finest of Chinese food to eat at each stop.

Needless to say I am very happy to be alive to tell this story and very thankful to all the Chinese people that helped us on our way back to our base at Kwelin.

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