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By applying for this award, you are agreeing that if your site wins this award that the owner of Pamela's My Reflections Award will list the name of your site, URL of your site, Your Country, a (screen shot "GOLD Only") of your site and a brief description of your site on my Winners Page.

To apply for the award, it is essential that you read the criteria before proceeding to the application form.Should you win an award, by applying you agree to display it on your Website without resizing nor altering its graphics, and also to link it back to: . Gold winners are displayed with a screenshot.

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In order to comply with C.O.P.P.A. you must be at least 13 years old to nominate a Web site.

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If for some reason the form does not work, you can Email me the information. Please send me the same information used in the form, thank you! Winner's will be notified no later then 3 weeks of time of application.

Subject: My Reflections Award Application, E-MAIL HERE

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