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My Reflections Award Of Excellence


Please read all of the General Criteria below before applying for my award


Does your site have a unified theme that makes up at least 70% of content that is consistent throughout site?

Do you have a privacy statement to be incorporated within your site?

Do you have alt tags on graphics to comply with Accessibility Laws for the visually impaired?

Does your site have visually pleasing pages and make use of all space on your pages? I will look around and get a good impression of your site. First impressions are hard to erase, so never minimize the importance of layout and design.

Are your pages attractive and well laid out?

Do the colors, styles and fonts used complement each other?

Do you have more then just links and banners?

Does your site show that you have put hard work into making your Wesite, and you are proud of what you have to offer the World Wide Web?

Does your site show Original and interesting content?

Do you have something that educates or entertains?

Do you have a menu and contact accessible on all pages of your site? with access to most of the pages without having to use your back button?

Does your site work in recent version of Internet Explorer and Firefox?

Is your site free of horizontal scrolling at 800x600 resolution?

Please allow up to 3 weeks for a response after applying for one of my awards.

If you do not win one of my awards please do not get discouraged. If after a 3 month time period you make significant changes to your site, please feel free to re-apply.

By submitting your application to My Reflections Awards you agree to allow me to post the status/winning URL/screenshot on my winners page. Please see Privacy Statement.

The following are considered to be valid reasons for removing winners:

If changes are made to the site which violate the criteria.

If the link to a winning site does not work (a dead link).

If the award graphic is not posted or linked back.

If the award graphic is altered without prior authorization.

If the award graphic is removed for any reason.

If there is no reply about the acceptance of the award.

Winners are notified by e-mail, with award and instructions. All winning sites are listed in my winners directory.


"I do not accept applications from Webmasters under 13" (See COPPA above )

If you have read all the criteria and are ready to apply please fill out the Award application.

If for some reason access to the form is not possible, please email me with your Name, E-MAIL address and Website name with Url.


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