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Frank Hoeffer: 1914-1985

This is a memorial for my father who was a prisoner of war for 42 months during WWII. Frank survived the horrendous treatment of the Japanese as a prisoner of war, Hell Ship "Tatoru Maru", and Box Car with 100 men per car, with temperature above 100 degrees, and Death March.

My Dad only lived to be 71 years old. I will take you back on his journey and as he called it "The Hard Way Back". My Dad decided not to write about his experiences until 1971. He really did not talk much about being a prisoner of war to me.

This is my way of understanding my dad, and my way of letting people know what a horrible thing for any man to endure. We owe our freedom to these brave men, and women. Let us never FORGET!

Now, let's step back in time and start at the beginning of this journey. I hope that as you take this journey with me that you, too, will have a better understanding of what POWS went through, and also their families.

Would you kindly sign my guestbook for your comments after your journey.Thank You.

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