have a nice day ccp html blue fox menu tutorials ctrl key cmd
have a nice day ccp html blue fox menu tutorials ctrl key cmd
how to ccp white gif ccp html blue fox menu tutorials ctrl key cmd

Have you ever noticed the letters X [cut], C [copy], and V [paste] are next to each other on the keyboard? These are the three letters when used with the Cmd key to CCP text plus the letter A. PC users can use Ctrl instead of the Cmd key and works the same way.

Key Combination Action
Cmd + A Select all text
Shift + arrow keys Select some text
Cmd + X Cut
Cmd + C Copy
Cmd + V Paste

Have you ever wanted to repeat a word without having to type the word again and again and again and again. This tutorial will explain how to and a little more.

To select a word of a phrase to cut or copy when you are typing text move the cursor to the beginning of the word or phrase then press the Shift key down and using the arrow -----> [right] key until the word or phrase is highlighted. If the phrase goes to next line then use the arrow down key. When all is highlighted release both keys then use Cmd + C and the phrase is copied or Cmd + X and the phrase is cut [you want to move the word or phrase to another place without having to re-type]. You should have heard a click indicating that the word or phrase was store in memory. Now move the cursor to where you want to paste the word or phrase and use Cmd + V to paste.

To select all of the text use Cmd + A and Cmd + C [copy]. This is a good habit to use when using a test bed prior to clicking on the the View key.

If you want to CCP a particular word then tap Find or Cmd + F and type the word and click Return and that word will be higlighted. If that's not the particular word because the word is used several times then use Cmd + G to go to the next same word and Cmd + B goes to the previous same word. Then use Shift and the arrow keys to highlight all of the text you want then use Cmd + C [copy} to save the text in memory and remember the click.

Below is a textarea to practice with. Use Cmd + F, Find, and type any word in the window there that appears on this page. Once the word is highlighted then either use Cmd + C for only that word or use Shift plus the arrow keys to highlight more words and then in the below teatarea use Cmd + V to paste the word. You can also use all of the CCP commands; Cmd + A, C, X and V in the textarea to practice.

Using the Go To key saves the URL of a page to memory for pasting and also to get the URL of music. Tap the Go To key then click on Show Last then hold down the Cmd key tap A then C and you heard the click. You can use the info key to verify you have the correct URL after you click on Show Last; if not click on Show Current. For more on using the Go To key click here.

If you want to delete a word or phrase you can use the Delete key or use shift and the arrow key then when all is highlighted just tap the delete key [saves memory]. To see a page on the various functions of the Cmd keys click here.

You can copy an entire e-mail message or news group post by simply highlighting the posters name and then use Cmd + C and paste wherever using Cmd + V and deleting the part you do not want. This works quite well for highlighting either a post or message when the text is faint in color. When responding to a news group and you want to quote another poster the first step is to follow the above then the below procedure of "How To Smallify Quoted Text".

how to smallify white.gif ccp html blue fox menu tutorials ctrl key cmd
  1. Computers will not see smallifying as WebTV users do.
  2. There are a few things that may happen while you are following the above steps.
  3. If a space appears between the cursor and the first letter of the line after using a hard "Return" just ignore it
  4. If a blank line appears where you wanted a paragraph when you edited the page just move the cursor down with the "Down Arrow" to the start of the next line and continue
  5. If you do not want a blank line there, move the cursor down with the "Down Arrow" to the start of the next line and press "Delete"
  6. After you have CCP'ed the text and you have answered each question or made your comments use spell checker first then do the shift > cmd + right arrow return procedure or you'll loose all of your work and have to do the whole bit again if you use spell checker last
  7. Practice by sendng yourself an email; practice makes perfect.
  8. To smallify click here and here.

    An easier way, my preferred choice, to smallify is to simply type the message using HTML and use:

    The text goes here

    or you may simply use <font size="1">text goes here</font> instead of the small command.


    Since the Server Side Color Upgrade it is necessary to use <body bgcolor="#....." text="#....."> after <html> for the message to appear with the correct colors or you'll have a white background with black text. The bgcolor and text colors are the same as used in your signature box. If you want a different text color after that then use <font color="#.....">text goes here</font> and you're good to go.

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