Make Your Own Lines & Bars Using the Spacer Tag

Bear in mind that the spacer command is a WTV only command ergo not seen by computers.

If you're trying to make a colored line do this:

<table bgcolor="#ff0066">
Same table bgcolor in all examples
<td>(First Example)
<td bgcolor="#189CD6">(Second Example)
<td bgcolor="#191919">(Last Example)
<spacer type=horizontal width="length_of_line">
<spacer type=vertical height="height_of_line">

     If you want to make the line hollow and then add a bgcolor to the <td> tag that matches the one in your <body bgcolor="xxxxxx"> tag (last example) or use a another color like the second example.  I used a width="400" for the post and I could have used width="544" on this web page but stayed with the width="400".  I used <center> before each of the three (3) tables below and naturally closed each one </center>. The dimensions of each vertical and horizontal spacer was the same. <spacer type=horizontal width="400">
<spacer type=vertical height="5">

If you want to make a vertical bar then pick the height and as an example:
<spacer type=vertical height="300">
<spacer type=horizontal width="1">

This page called Checkered Line Generator will only work on a web page since it's coded in javascript.

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