blue fox menu gif html align help colors ccp ctrl bounce tutorial msntv msntv2 tv1 webtv
blue fox menu gif html align help colors ccp ctrl bounce tutorial msntv msntv2 tv1 webtv

Semper Fi

I also have another site called Blue Fox Military Sites, Gifs & Graphics that is viewable by all browsers. If you'd like to visit this site please click here.

First of all thank you for visiting my WebTV help site. I launched this site for the sole purpose of assisting and helping other fellow WebTV users and to enhance their WebTV experience.

I have updated my tutorial on audioscopes in e-mail and on a Web page. So if you click here you'll find the new updated yet once again tutorial. Also if you'd like to check your modem connection speed aka baud rate then just click right here. I just completed a page on Newsletters For The WebTV Community so please click here to check it out; actually I wrote this in 1999 and due the influx of spam I have not updated this page (9-15-2003)

This site is frequently updated so you might want to reload by holding down the CMD key and tapping the letter R key about seven or eight times. That really isn't necessary since I have used a meta refresh browser command since this site was first launched in early 1999 ergo each new visit you'll see any and all updates automatically
<meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache">
You can also click on the Reload Site Here button below. This page also includes the code for the automatic reload to defeat the WebTV javascript bug (no longer valid BTW) plus a meta tag for automatic page reloading. Would you like to have the codes to reload? Then click here

If you would tap your Info key you will notice some extra information there. This information is an attribute of the body tag and isn't viewable by computers. It will also tell you the last time the site was programmed or updated. If you click here you will find a page on how to program these additional attributes with e-mail enhancements to the 2.9 upgrade. Transition is once again seen in e-mail if you click here you'll find out how.

If you'd like to have your own search engine program on your web page click here. This is also a good tool to list your site with ten (10) major search engines if you have meta tags programmed in your web page. If you'd like to make your own meta tag then click here for The Blue Fox Meta Tag Maker.

I wrote a page that has become very popular that explains the basics with a host of valuable information. I hope that both new and experienced WebTV users will find this informative and useful. If you have any suggestions to this page please send me an email, thank you.

I have started saving some of my favorite posts from various news groups that I have made and I have compiled them on one page. I think there are some great tips on how to do various html commands as well as some demo's of the programming codes. So if you click here you're well on your way. BTW I just completed a new page on marquees so if you click here you are on your way there.

OK sports fans here's the page that I have been waiting for. Tyhart has finally put together all of his very outstanding tutorials including CSS programming so please click here. BTW he's the webmaster that originally wrote the tutorial on Two Sounds in Email or a Web page. See below.

The ability to have two sounds in email has been nuked by WNI since they disabled the use of ASCII charset codes in the signature box but as usual tyhart has rediscovered yet another way. If you have been a frequent visitor you know I change bgsounds often. If you hear only one audio wav you should reload this page and listen. If you'd like to learn how the two sounds was produced then click here.

If you find an open or dead link on this page or in the menu box please send me an e-mail message. Thank you.

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This site was last updated on Sunday, April 18, 2009 at 1140, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) same same zulu time just like they did on the TV show JAG. You may click here for the exact time.