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This is the garden when I built it in 2002. It has grown. People have come from all over the world and added to it.

A couple from Denver came to the Tower to camp and watch for the unexplained. As we were standing in front of the Tower, the man had a high powered flashlight and was pointing at things in the sky. At that point we all noticed that in the ray of the light it looked like a spiral going into the heavens. I suspected at that point that there may be a vortex in the front area of the Tower.
(Definition of a vortex is: "a portal to a parallel universe")

Beginning in February, 2002 there have been 15 psychics who have visited the Tower and have said that there is not one vortex but two. Two of the psychics marked the centers of the vortexes...the one on the left spins counter clockwise and the one on the right spins clockwise. They overlap in the middle and call this the Eye of Pisces. They also said that there are two large beings there who protect the entrances to the vortexes. The beings are also there to help earthlings with their lives, so if you need help or change in your life you are to go into the Garden and ask for it.

The Psychics are the ones who suggested we put in a rock garden for people to enter, rest, relax and meditate. Webmaster, Lucy, took on the challenge of building the garden and did a marvelous job!

As you walk through the garden you can feel energy's quite amazing! I invite you to bring something to put in the garden and get your energies there as well, whether it be something personal, or a rock, or a treasure. The Garden is truly a very special place!


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Contact Judy at 719-378-2296

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NOTE: I'm always looking for rocks for the garden, please bring me one when you visit. Thanks very much :) Lucy

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